I believe in challenging the usual pedagogic paradigm to create new and innovative ways and places of teaching and learning. In doing so, our education system becomes more relevant, effective and engaging – to both educators and students.

I call this “education hacking.”

For over 20 years, I have helped to “hack” education, in Israel and around the world, dividing my time between research, teaching, and independent consultations, talks and workshops.
I work with everyone who is passionate about education, learning, and social impact – including schools, higher education and teacher education programs, municipalities, and ed-tech startups, to name a few – creating and applying effective and innovative teaching models and educational settings.

In the last 2 decades, I have spoken at conferences in Europe and in the U.S., visited unique and alternative schools globally to glean and develop additional education hacking ideas, and worked with key educational bodies.
Furthermore, together with the Jerusalem Education Department, I created and lead Yahda, a professional development program for school leaders in Jerusalem, now in its third year.

My first experience as an educator was at 16, through the youth movement in which I was a counselor and volunteer, and at which I worked for several years in various educational and leadership positions.

Witnessing and practicing firsthand the youth movement’s teaching techniques and informal settings helped shape my passion for learning and decision to pursue education hacking.

I earned my PhD in Education from Lesley University in Boston. My doctorate was focused on innovative education and teacher education, offering insights for 21st-century learning.

I hold an MA in Training and HR Management, and a BA in Psychology and Curriculum Design from Tel Aviv University.

And, of course, I continue learning every day!

I’ve been teaching MA teachers and doctoral candidates at Middlebury University in Vermont since 2016.

I also teach at Israel’s Bar Ilan University in an MA program for innovative pedagogy.

My courses and seminars cover action research, educational change, and research foundations.

I serve on the board of directors of the Israeli Scouts’ International Division, which conducts educational activities worldwide. I have also chaired the Israeli Scouts in Boston.

I am on the scientific committee of END, an international conference that deals with education and development.

I am a volunteer and mentor at 50:50, an accelerator which promotes joint Jewish-Arab projects.

I served on the board of the Innovation Fund at Brookline High School, evaluating faculty-suggested programs, and serving as the Funds’ liaison to the Innovation Fellow.

As a selectman on Israel’s Savion Town Council, I chaired the Educational and HR committees, founded a community activism center, and induced broad educational reform, working with government, teachers, principals, municipal employees, and community members.