My passion is to research, create, and lead innovative practices for better 21st-century learning and teaching.

Our world keeps changing. So should the way we educate.
Educational settings need to adapt to be relevant, effective, and engaging. Educational leaders can promote this change-by hacking education.
Hacking is about modifying pedagogic approaches and practices to create relevant educational settings. Educational hackers are passionate innovators and risk-takers who create and apply creative and resourceful teaching models and educational reform.

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I offer organizational consultations, design professional development, and give talks and workshops worldwide.

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The Neckerchief Revolution: How Tying Together Formal and Non-formal Pedagogy Makes for Better Education

My book about bridging between non-formal and formal education is now available in English!

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From the Back Cover:

Utilizing her 25+ years of experience in various education systems around the globe, Dr. Wizel’s trailblazing book shows how the practical tools of non-formal education can:

  • Encourage more choice, leading to greater learners’ engagement and motivation.
  • Promote competencies such as creativity, teamwork, and other 21st century skills.
  • Help students become self-derived learners.
  • Promote active learning and enrich the teaching methods toolbox.
  • Enhance dialog, relationships, and communication skills.