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I’m Maya, educational hacker.
I research, create, and teach innovative practices for better 21st century learning.

Our world keeps changing. So should the way we educate.
Educational settings need to adapt to be relevant, effective, and engaging. Teachers and educational leaders can promote this change-by hacking education!
Hacking is about modifying pedagogic approaches and practices to create relevant educational settings. Educational hackers are passionate innovators and risk-takers who create and apply creative and resourceful teaching models and educational reform.

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I love sharing my education hacking ideas. I work with everyone who is passionate about education, learning and social impact – in K-12 schools, higher education, public sector, and NGO settings.

I offer organizational consultations, help plan new schools, design and evaluate curricula for both schools and teacher education programs, and give talks and workshops around the world.

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Double Knot

My book about bridging between non-formal and formal education is now available for download in Hebrew – and soon in English.

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