Insights from LearnLaunch Across Boundaries Conference

Few of the many highlights after two fascinating days at LearnLaunch Across Boundaries conference, January 2016 (Rooms full of people that raise their hand to both questions of “Who is an educator?” and “Who is an innovator?”):

  • The Buzzword I heard again and again in many of the talks- FLEXIBILITY
  • Todd Rose (Google his Ted talk) about the end of average: a mindset that holds us back
  • Expect some things to seem impossible (from a panel about competency-based learning.
  • To be inspired by the classroom of the future (a showcase of students and teachers):
    Creating a maker’s space including 3D printers in school Libraries- how smart!

Many uses for green screens for project-based learning

Blended Learning as part of public schools. Impact academy is a virtual school program that combines diverse resources to meets the specific needs of individual students. Students can learn from home or take some courses online while attending middle or high school.

My bottom line:
TechEd will not create change- it is the people using it that will.